We have been passionate about cranberries for over twenty years. When we were studying, we had the opportunity to participate in a research project on cranberries. We soon realized the potential of this locally-grown Quebec fruit. The numerous studies on the health benefits of cranberries fascinated us. We were also intrigued by how they are grown and harvested. We found the cranberry industry in Quebec, an international leader in the sector, inspiring. Our whole world changed. We now had a new passion. However, we each went on our own professional paths, with plenty of projects in mind, to later return to this passion of ours and we founded our own cranberry processing business in the heart of Quebec City.


NUTRA-FRUIT was born on July 20, 2006, the same day as our daughter. Five years went by. We were blessed with two children who would teach us so much. Today, it is our passion for cooking that we would like to share with you, in all humility. We are not professional chefs, but very few people know as much about the potential of cranberries in the kitchen as we do. Very few entrepreneurs are as passionate as we are or use such culinary creativity.


NUTRA-FRUIT takes the QUEBEC CRANBERRY to a whole new level of originality. We would like to propose some rather unconventional uses of the cranberry, much as you would use lemons in different recipes. The RECIPES that we have created generally have very few ingredients, which allows you to savour and appreciate all of the BENEFITS and the true FLAVOUR of CRANBERRIES. We were careful to avoid any overly common recipes. Cranberry scone, muffin, cake and cookie recipes have literally flooded the culinary scene.


QUEBEC CRANBERRIES are not sweet, they are acidic, just the way we like them. Nature knows its stuff. So we don't try to reduce the acidity with sugar, we learn to enjoy their natural flavour.


In creating CANNEBERGE NUTRA-FRUIT, our family also grew. Our children have grown with the company.

“Thank you for letting us into your kitchen.” 


- Yolande Kougioumoutzakis (Nutra)

  and Jean-François Veilleux (Fruit)



NUTRA-FRUIT  proposes to revisit the CRANBERRY OF QUEBEC with a certain originality. We offer you unusual uses, which are often similar to the use that we would make of lemon in cooking. The RECIPES that we offer you generally contain few ingredients, which allows you to savor and appreciate all the BENEFITS  and the frank TASTE of CRANBERRY. We have been careful to avoid commonplaces. Recipes for scones, muffins, cake and cranberry cookies are literally flooding the dining scene.


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